What would you be doing if you had unshakeable belief in your ability to make it all possible?

Hey, my name is Cara-Jane. I'm a Mindset Coach certified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping), T.I.M.E Techniques and Hypnosis.


I help ambitious women like you, overcome debilitating self-doubt, release fear of showing up in your business. and step into the boss that you are.

So that you can:

Thrive in your online business
Confidently promote your services
Believe in yourself and your abilities 
Show up up as the expert in your field and the entrepreneur you were born to be!




Are you ready to step out of your self-doubt and into your personal power?

Who I coach:

I coach high-potential women who are ready to move from self-sabotage, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs to living in their heart-centred purpose. I do this by using powerful coaching tools to help you reprogramme your subconscious mind and make the shift into seeing your greatness, transforming your self-identity, and living in creativity, flow, passion and expansion. I help you to tap into what is already inside of you and create a new set point for your higher living of purpose, joy, fulfilment, flow and self-expression.

My coaching is for your if you:

- Constantly compare yourself to others in your field

- Feel confused about the direction of your business

- Lack the confidence and guidance to be visible and promote your offer

Often feel like your failing

- Hold yourself back from fully putting yourself out there

- Fear judgment/criticism and rejection in your business

- Feel stuck due to doubting your abilities

- Feel that your never quite good enough at what you do

- Undermine your achievements, no matter how great they are

- Suffer with perfectionism and are constantly leaving money on the table because you believe others deserve it more than you do


Introducing The

BOSS UP programme

This programme is designed to help you truly embody your inner boss & overcome any mindset barriers that are holding you back from having the confidence your business demands.

What you will learn:


 Break self-doubt

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs that are is keeping you stuck. Tap into and rewire the subconscious programming that is keeping you in old fear-based thinking patterns

Operate from Flow and Empowerment

Ditch the pressure, comparison and stress in your business 
Create heart-centered aligned work
Work from inspired action rather than forced action 


Shift the Identity

Get clear on Your Yes You 
Completely shift your self-perception
Step into the version of you who thrives

Strategise your Success

Get clarity on your authentic success
Mindset strategies to keep you on track
7 step action plan 

 Unleash the boss
Nail your niche
Get clear on your offer
Gain clarity on your brand

 Promote your offer

Tools to help you show up confidently and promote your offer online 
Connect with your audience

Create content with confidence


Let's start the journey together towards changing your life!