This exclusive 'single' offer is for all those passionate, ambitious women out there who feel that they would like to gain more clarity in a certain area of their life in order to move forward in confidence.

This is for you if you:

-  Believe you are here to do great things but feel stuck in your fears and doubts

-Want to develop your self-belief

- Are ready to work towards your visions

- Are tired of limiting beliefs holding you back from your greatness

- Don't feel quite ready to go all in with the 8 week programme but feel
that coaching will transform your mindset

90 minutes of transformational guidance

I'm here to guide you through 90 mins of intense and beautiful inner work that will propel you forward and help to align with your highest self. You deserve to live a life that feels good! This will help you lay the foundation to move forward in more confidence, alignment, fulfillment and purpose. There are three different sessions you can choose from:

Goal setting & Clarity:

Are you in a position where you have an idea of your goal, but you don't believe in yourself enough to get there? Do you find that whenever you try to set goals you are left its feeling frustrated and stuck? This session is designed to help you kick start your personal growth, get crystal clear on your goals and create actionable steps to make them your reality!  Not only does this session focus on creating a full proof action plan, but also uses powerful mindset techniques to tap into the subconscious mind so that you leave feeling equipped and motivated to do what it takes to turn your goal into your reality.


Release Limiting Beliefs:

Is there a fear or belief that is keeping you from being who you were truly designed to be? Are you tired of believing the same old story about yourself.  I hear you sis! ...and if left unaddressed, we can let ourselves stay stuck in negative beliefs for years without breaking free.  That's why, during this session we will elicit powerful mindset shifts to help you move through and release the grip of these beliefs so that you can finally be free to step into your greatness. 


Confidence Boost for the Driven Woman:

Are you ready to fully believe in yourself and step into a more confident, fulfilled version of yourself.  Do you feel like you have so much greatness within you, but for some reason you are stopping yourself from bringing it to this world. This session is designed to help  boost your confidence and elevate your self-belief so that you can become the leader you already are. 


Book session now for a special offer of £77!